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Classical Guitar Guide

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jGuitarClass_IV provides an easy reference to scales, chords, shapes (forms), musical terms and assorted classical song recordings. The application is ideal for downloading to your Android or Windows phone. 

The opening page information button gives a concise overview of the app. From this page the user can transition to the Musical Terms Page by clicking on the Search for Musical Terms button.



The Musical Terms Page provides definitions and images associated with musical terms that the classical guitarist will learn throughout their study. The user is initially provided with a search entry that is supported by an autosuggestioin that displays below the search entry. Selecting a tern from the list will populate the Musical Term label and display the definition associated with that term. If an image is available for the term it will be displayed below the definition.

If the term is not present in the current database the user will be alerted with a message. Closing the message will provide the user with an Add button which will enter the  term and definition provided by the user in the entries below the search entry. Transitioning back to the Main Page will allow access to that term on subsequent selection of the Musical Terms Page.

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The menu of available functions are provided on the menu page by selecting the hamburger icon in the top


left corner of the applications Main Page. The user can choose from viewing the major and minor chords from the first position in alphabetical order, a tuning page for the six strings on the guitar, a list of each of the major scales with the tonic and dominant chords, display of the five major shapes (forms) for alternate positions, and a list of recorded classical songs from the Aaron Shearer Foundation books I & II.

Transition to these pages can be made by selecting the appropriate menu item. The user can also transition back to the Main Page by selecting the "arrow" which will be visible only when selecting the menu from another page. 

Note that the back "arrow" works in the order of transitioning back to the page last selected. 




On the Chords Page the user will be presented with the basic tonic and dominant 7th chords in alphabetical order for the first position. The chords are displayed bertically and are scrollable. The user can hear the recorded sound for the chord by clicking anywhere on the displayed chord. The user will be presented with the capability to stop and start the sound, continually play the sound, or to terminate the sound with the three buttons at the top of the page. Alternatively, the user can stop and start the sound with the middle button at the bottom of the page. A display of the duration and progression of the sound is also provided.

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The Strings Page provides the user with sounds for the six strings on the guitar to allow for tuning.  As with the Chords Page, the user is provided with controls to start and stop the sound, continually play the sound, and to terminate the sound. An alternative control to start and stop the sound is provided at the bottom of the page.


The Scales Page  displays the major and associated minor scales with their tonic and dominant chords. The scales will have their appropriate signature and the notes displayed will show the accidentals accordingly. The scales will be displayed in a vertical manor with the major scale followed by it's minor scale, followed by the harmonic and melodic scales for the minor key.

The usre will be provided with a recording for the major scale, the minor scale and bothe the haromonic and melodic scales.  With the melodic scale, the recording with play both the up and down scale. As with the previous pages, the user will be procided with the controls to start and stop, continulally play and terminate the sound.

Note that the chords are only shown for reference.


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The Shapes Page displayes the forms for the five major keys for positions II and higher. The user is provided with a recording of the shape and can be controlled as previously noted.



The Songs Page is a list of recordings by the developer of this app as they progressed through the Aaron Shearer Foundation study bools for the classical guitar. They represent the playing ability at the time of recording and the guitarist's interpretation of the musical piece. The name of the musical piece is identified along with the book in which the musical score appears.

As with the previous pages, the user can control the start and stop, continuity, and termination.


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