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Cut Throat Cribbage League
2024 Season

Cribbage Champ.jpg

2023 Cut Throat Cribbage Champion Brian Branigan receiving his championship trophy and pointing to his immortalized nameplate on the Champions plaque at the annual award luncheon with a standing only gathering at Calie Opie's Orchard Restaurant in Mineral Virginia.

Branigan knocked off reigning champion Chris Heiser whose 5-peat came to an end. This year marks the seventh season of the league play which continues to see an increase in games played largely due to the addition of remote scoring.

  • Visit the Microsoft Store to purchase and download the jCribScore_III app; (Version 1.1.10)

  • If you choose to join this league contact the league coordinator to register your email address and player names to transfer game results (

  • Review the application overview under the Application tab on this website.

  • Note 2024 rule changes to qualify for championship: Minimum of 20 games! Half of total games played must be with 3 or more players.

  • Standings for 6/2/24 posted below:

Screenshot 2024-06-02 194312.png
  • Start your own league using the jCribScore_III app and selecting a league coordinator to manage all player sites game results. Review the application overview under the Application tab on this website for information on how the application functions.  Note that all player sites must have their own version of jCribScore_III to generate game results.

  • The league coordinator will process game results into a master database and choose a method for transmitting standings to player sites.

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